Self Improvement


“Achievable goals are the first step towards self-improvement” JK Rowling

I want to improve. To be honest I can’t think of any area of my life that couldn’t do with a bit of improvement. To want to be better is part of the human condition. It’s why we don’t still live in caves. (Although some people do still live in caves on Gran Canaria, and they are very nice; the caves, not the people…..actually I bet the people are very nice too!!)

For many years I looked for that magic thing that would make me perform better, make me more successful, make me happy. Meeting my coach, Marian, was a major step forward and with her help I found many of my answers; within. There was no guru out there, no magic formula. In the end I was the expert in my own life, just like you are in yours.

Areas of Self Improvement

Self ImprovementEvery client I have met since becoming a coach myself has wanted to improve in some way. That is the thing that sends them in my direction, I suppose. And the changes have been in a variety of areas and aspects of their lives:

  • Health Issues
  • Fitness Objectives
  • Business Goals
  • Career Change
  • Relationship Problems
  • General desire to get better at something.

How Coaching Helps

Although we all have the answers within, there are times in our lives when we become stuck, blocked, we cannot see a way forward. Perhaps we have been looking at something for so long that we become convinced that we cannot change. We get into a rut and believe that there is no way out.

But we can change, we can do amazing things. There is no problem we cannot solve. For many people the first step is deciding that they want to change. The second step might be to admit that they need help. Finally they might decide to try this new coaching thing they heard about in the hairdressers.

The exciting thing about coaching is that because we, as coaches, believe that the client (you) has the answers within, we want to empower you. We are there to help you discover your answers. So coaching is about self-improvement. You improve yourself, yourself and your coach is there to support you on your journey.

A big part of the process relates to your goals. Uncovering your goals, focussing on your goals and making actual plans to make these goals become reality. Remember, coaching is not just about talking, coaching is about action.

So if you are looking for that extra ingredient, then maybe coaching could be the first step towards that great new you!

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