Sales Masterclass 2


To make a real difference to sales results, straight away


Over the years I have made every mistake possible in sales. This is how I learned. But bit by bit I began to realise a key point. This is a relationship, it is not a sales call at all. I honestly believe that results will immediately improve is your sales people master these techniques.

Although there are only three headings on this course each one will lead to much discussion and, funnily enough, there are few right or wrong answers.

I absolutely believe that these skills will work in any sales job because all sales is basically down to a few very basic things.

This course will refresh and excite participants, including me.

Course Details

  • Duration: 2/3 hours
  • Venue: Flexible
  • Cost: €375 per member, Group Rates available.
  • Numbers: Individual or up to maximum of 8.


Course Content

3 Magical Sales Techniques

Skill One: “Asking good questions”

If you really understand a client you have a much better chance of helping him/her.

This is how we find out what his needs are.

But questions must be relevant!

Skill Two: “Emphatic Listening”

To set yourself apart from the opposition you need to show you care, really care.

This skill alone will transform your life, and not only your sales results. It did this for me.

Listening, really listening, is the bedrock of all relationships and therefore all sales.

Skill Three: “Providing Appropriate Solutions”

If you get 1 and 2 right, this is easy as pie.

You are the expert, now show how your product makes a client’s life better.

  • If you get these techniques right you may never have to ask a closing question again!
  • Again this is an open discussion, not a lecture. Trainees will be participating and we will all learn.

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