Sales Masterclass 1

“The Inner Game”

Course Objectives

To allow participants to tap into their own knowledge of themselves and people. To shift the focus from outdated sales tricks or gimmicks to meaningful, relationship based selling.


Having spent the last thirty years in sales I believe I have learnt a lot, mainly from when I got it wrong! But these thirty years have thought me the value of building lasting relationships with clients. To be honest I think I gave up “selling” years ago.

I hope my clients view me as someone who helps them to make good decisions, not someone who tricks them into buying something they don’t really need.

If we can turn your sales people on to the philosophy of Problem Solving Selling they will enjoy their job much more and you will enjoy greatly improved sales results.

Finally as with all coaching I believe your sales people have the answers within. My job is to help them find their answer, not to tell them how I Do It! So the sessions are very interactive and, believe it or not, fun!

Course Details

Duration: 2/3 hours

Venue: Flexible

Cost: €375 per member, Group Rates available.

Numbers: Individual or up to maximum of 8.


  • Believe in Yourself
  • Value What You Do
  • Be Productively Active
  • Add Value to Customers
  • Make a Difference
  • Network Your Way
  • Think in Days….Today!
  • Have (and create) fun.
  • Trust
  • Believe in Yourself and Value What You Do.

Each of the above is a discussion point where Donal will lead trainees in an interactive process. It is not a lecture, I don’t have all the answers and there are no rights and wrongs.

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