Group Coaching


  • Group Coaching, like Personal Coaching, is a professional relationship designed to help a group identify goals and, more importantly, to work towards achieving these goals.
  • Coaching focuses on where the group is now and where is wants to be in the future. Coaching is about action!
  • Group Coaching can produce results for many different groups of people; from business teams to sales teams, from sports teams to community groups.
  • Group Coaching will help a group to identify common objectives and help in formulating plans to reach those goals.
  • With group coaching a coach will help groups to come up with their own agreed action plans. As these plans come from the group there is a great sense of ownership and “buy-in”.
  • Coaching produces tangible results. Many international companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and Nike recognise the value of coaching and use it as part of the development of their teams and individuals.
  • Each group coaching session lasts for 60-90 Minutes. The fee for coaching depends on the number of participants and other factors. Please call Donal on 0872617495 for more details.
  • Generally speaking group coaching produces results in a reasonably short time frame. There is no set number of sessions recommended as progress will vary from group to group.
  • Total Confidentiality between Coach and the Group applies at all times.
  • Donal O’Sullivan is a member of the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and The International Coach Federation (ICF) which is the internationally recognised coaching body.
  • Special Offer! Initial Group Sessions 25% reduction in fee until end 2015.

group coaching


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