Sales Coaching

  • business_coachingDo you have sales people in your organisation?
  • People who are not full-time in sales but need to sell as part of their role?
  • Are you totally happy with the above people and with your sales function generally?
  • Do you have satisfactory sales training in place?
  • Would you like to explore the idea of maximising your business’s sales potential?
  • Have you tried various sales training methods with mixed results?

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Sales Coaching Belief and Objectives:

Our objective is to help people to achieve their potential in sales and to have a more fulfilling/enjoyable career. We want to help them (or you) to discover/rediscover the sales champion within.

We also believe that many sales people feel that have heard it all before. Many of them are tired of the same old, same old, of some “expert” telling them how to sell. Quite simply this does not work.

We want Sales People to discover their own greatness, if they have it. Our methods are interactive, not prescriptive. Each sales person is unique and will have their own route to success.

Key Point:

This is not about us, or our undoubted knowledge is sales! It is about you or your sales team. They have the answers within, our job is to help them to find these answers.


  • Review of Sales Performance
  • Monthly/Weekly Review Meetings
  • Telephone Support
  • Field Visits/Support
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management
  • Team Training/Coaching/Meetings

Suitable For:

  • Sales Professionals
  • The Self Employed
  • Small/Medium Business
  • Sales Teams
  • Businesses in need of sales manager (without the overheads)

Please contact Donal on 087-2617495 to arrange an initial meeting, it could be the first step towards being great (again?).

Fellow Professionals on Donal

“Having worked with Donal for over ten years I find him quite unique in how he manages to find different angles in selling new products. When meeting other brokers I often find myself quoting “what Donal is doing” as best practice as that’s where the best ideas seem to emanate from!”

Michael Jackson, New Ireland Assurance

“I’ve known Donal for the last 25 years and in that time I’ve not only had the benefit of his influence but I have also witnessed the outcome of his influence on others. I’ve seen Donal achieve some astounding results in his business life. These results have been brought about because he has the ability to focus on an outcome and gather those around him to bring about that outcome. You can only do this if you have the ability to influence people, and what is sales, if not the ability to influence?”

Alan Fynn, Partner BDO Simpson Xavier

“As an Account Manager with Zurich Life, I have had dealings with Donal over many years. He always conducts his business in a very professional manner & provides an excellent service to all clients. Donal adopts a very innovative & personalised approach to clients. This is reflected in both repeat business & referrals that has allowed him develop a very successful Brokerage.”

Barry Mullen, Zurich Life and Pensions



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