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B Great Cover v1

Donal has recorded a “self improvement” album of new songs which aims to help and inspire you on your journey, entitled “B Great, Lessons from Life.”

The digital version of the album is now available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Napster etc, here is the link to iTunes if you want to sample or buy some songs: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1088575483?ls=1&app=itunes

CDs are also available for purchase at Veritas stores in Ireland.

Below are some comments about “B Great” and a little bit of background:

Listener Comments:

“Very uplifting  and thought provoking, I keep it in my car for life’s journeys.” Bernie, Retailer.

“Love the music, Love the tone.” Imelda, Bank Executive

“Combining powerful messages with beautiful music, Donal has given us a powerful and very different way to be inspired and motivated to be great. The words drift back into our mind when we need them most.”

“If you want something that is different to all that is out there already and that can access our subconscious in a way that will stay with us more than words read or spoken, look no further. Donal has given us that in Be Great. A unique combination of inspiring words and beautiful music that will stay with you long after you have listened to it. It can make a difference….” Marian Byrne, Coach, Author and Coach Trainer




I have always loved music and have been writing songs forever, or so it seems. I also believe that music has tremendous healing properties and can touch us in ways that are hard to explain. Music seems to get right into our souls.

Anyway my experiences as a coach started to filter through to my songwriting and eventually I realised I was writing my version of a Self Improvement Book, in song!

Each song on “B Great” is a “Life Lesson” with hopefully some small insight or idea to help the listener on their journey through life. A short accompanying piece for each song is also available on this website. http://selfimprovement.ie/about-donal/music-self-improvement/on-line-album-booklet/

The bulk of the songs were written whilst I trained as a Life Coach and are hugely influenced by the excellent training I received from The Irish Lifecoach Institute, see http://www.ili.ie. And thanks again Adrian and Marian!

I also found great inspiration in the books that I read at the time, with authors such as Martha Beck, Eckhart Tolle and Stephen Covey providing food for thought and song a-plenty!

Another fantastic source of inspiration were my experiences as a working coach with clients. Time and time again I realised how amazing people could be and how they coped with all sorts of hurdles. It was brilliant to see people tapping into their own inherent wisdom and growing as a result.

I don’t know if this is the first “Self-Improvement” pop album in history but I am very excited with the end result.

Finally, here is a snippet, a song “Be Gentle”, which is a meditation really and the last thing on B Great…..  Relax and enjoy!

PS: You will also be able to find my music, all of it, at: http://www.donalmusic.com

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